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About us and our services


From the design to the production

We accompany you from the design of your display stand to the production and the placement in the various stores.

All our display stands are skilfully produced and compliant to the standards.




About us

Since 1988

Tecnoplex was established in 1988. It starts working methacrylate (Plexiglas) and producing retail stands. During the first years the company focuses on the cosmetics sector. In order to be competitive in the market, it has been designing and developing more and more original solutions since its foundation. For this reason it managed to grow and became leader in the sector. The huge importance given to innovation has led Tecnoplex to invest on the latest technologies since the first years. That is why we decided to install the first industrial laser system in 1989. Tecnoplex has grown over the years and today it designs and launches your ideas on the market. Its mission is still to merge tradition and innovation. Tecnoplex provides other services: it suggests combinations with other materials, it offers a wider range of services and plants in different production fields. The processing techniques of Tecnoplex range from acrylic sheets manufacturing to injection moulding, from woodworking to thermoforming of plastic materials and include the use of various materials such as small parts of metal and iron, as well as services which range from painting to silk-screen printing and digital printing. Today Tecnoplex is a company with a complete range of retail displays operating in many fields and working for opticians; cosmetic stores and pharmacies; jewelleries; car dealers; furniture, fancy goods and advertising industries. Moreover, the company has actually evolved in the last decades. From the small workshop of the first years, our company has turned into a solid reality with a strong and complete identity. Thanks to our entrepreneurship and engagement, the restless search for quality, the know-how of our administration office as well as the attention and care of our products, we are able to satisfy and meet the needs of our customers, which has always been our major concern.

Our services

We produce exhibition stands, counter displays, retail and pop-up displays for optical stores, drugstores and pharmacies, automobile dealerships, jewelleries, hypermarkets etc. We focus our attention on the design and development of new custom-build solutions with skilfully designed graphics and accurate details. As a customer, your satisfaction comes first for us. This is why we offer a quick and effective service as well as a total assistance in each phase of the product design, from concept to production.